Biden’s Trip to Kyiv is the Ultimate Demotion for Putin and Trump 

Biden joined a great history of American  chairpersons standing up to Russian aggression, and significantly broke from the  opprobrious  conduct of his  precursor.

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Kennedy and  also Reagan in Berlin. Now Biden in Kyiv.   Periodically during the  once sixty times, American  chairpersons have stood up at the Eastern edge of Europe and looked to Russia to say, “ We stand with our abettors . Our  resoluteness is unshakeable. ”

Kennedy said, “ Ich bin ein Berliner. ” Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall. ” Biden, on his surprise President’s Day visit to Kyiv said, “ One time  latterly, Kyiv stands. And Ukraine beaches. Democracy daises. ”

cnn new bbc new abc new msn new news today breaking new fox new newyork time thedailybeast usa today newspaper usa today

Stirringly, just days ahead of the one time anniversary of Russia’s brutal  descent against Ukraine, Biden walked through the  thoroughfares of Kyiv, paid his  felicitations to those who had fallen in defense of Ukraine, and said, “ Freedom is priceless. It’s worth fighting for, for as long as it takes. ”

Biden also movingly invoked the  discussion he'd with Zelensky last February as Russia’s massive escalation of its nine- time-old war of unprovoked aggression against Ukraine. He recalled with Zelensky at his side, “ You said you did n’t know when we ’d be  suitable to speak again. That dark night the world was literally bracing for the fall of Kyiv  maybe indeed the end of Ukraine. ”

Of course, the symbolism of the American  chairman standing alongside Zelensky, walking through the Ukrainian capital indeed as air raid enchantresses sounded, carried  numerous other  dispatches as well.   To those fighting for Ukraine, it was a vitally important communication of solidarity that came with  farther commitments from Biden of military support for Ukraine.

To Vladimir Putin, it was Biden’s way of saying, “ I'm then in Kyiv and you're not. You not only didn't take Kyiv in days as some  prognosticated, but your attack was rebuffed. Your army suffered a humiliating defeat from which it has not recovered. ” Biden emphasized this point in the  sanctioned White House statement about the trip saying, “ Putin allowed.Ukraine was weak and the West was divided. He allowed he could outlive us. But he was  due wrong. ” Importantly, it was a comment that was  underlined in recent days by the significant Congressional delegation that attended the Munich Security Conference to make it  veritably clear, support for Ukraine continues strong in theU.S. and it's bipartisan.

The  sanctioned White House statement also  underlined that Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine was part of a larger  charge, one of solidarity and leadership among America’s European abettors . Biden, in the statement said, “ I also look forward to traveling on to Poland to meet President Duda and the leaders of our Eastern Flank Abettors, as well as deliver  reflections on how the United States will continue to rally the world to support the people of Ukraine and the core values of  mortal rights and  quality in the UN Charter that unites us worldwide. ”