Elon Musk Will Soon Give Up His Position As CEO at Twitter

A many months proved to be enough for Elon Musk as the CEO of Twitter and now he's allowing about stepping down and appointing someone differently.

I allowed about creating commodity from scrape, but I allowed Twitter would maybe accelerate progress versus creating commodity from scrape by three to five times, ” Musk said. “

” Musk spoke about his provocations for the Twitter buyout, saying he was “ a little upset about the direction and the effect of social media on the world.

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it was essential for there to be a maximally trusted kind of digital public forecourt, where people within countries and internationally could communicate with the least quantum of suppression allowed by law. Obviously, that varies a lot by governance. ” In December, Musk polled his128.9 million Twitter followers about whether or not he should step down as CEO, to which57.5 of repliers suggested yes.

Recent data seen by CNN before this week shows that since Musk’s preemption of the social media platform, over half of Twitter’s top,000 advertisers have stopped advertising( as of January). Musk has not intimately indicated who a implicit successor to his position might be. 

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He indicted Twitter of assessing the “ values ” of San Francisco and the near University of California, Berkeley, which he described as a “ niche testament, ” in the way it ran its business. “ I allowed it was important, kind of, for the future of civilization to try to correct that thumb on the scale,

Musk said, describing his provocations behind buying Twitter. Musk has faced review for, on the one hand, championing free speech while also complying with suppression laws in countries, a fine line he's trying to walk, as reflected in his commentary.

The Indian government last month ordered internet platforms and social media companies, including Twitter, to block links and vids of the talkie. Twitter appeared to misbehave with the order, according to NBC News.